African Theatre in Development

  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Dimensions and Pages: 220mm x 145mm, 192pp
  • EAN: 9780852555996
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“A truly worthwhile resource in a growing field of research—the theater and drama of Africa—this volume collects ten essays about theater practice, publications, and productions; in—depth reviews of 17 books; and a new play. The book first examines the pioneering work of Alec Dickson in encouraging the use of drama in community development and the emergence of a theater in Creole, using the slaves’ deformed imitation of their masters’ language (a corrupt form of French) to translate the experiences and cultures of Mauritius. Several practitioners and students of the Tigre/Bilen theater training course describe their efforts to nurture Eritrean cultures, including performing the music and dance of all nine language groups in its cultural troupes with audiences numbering up to 7,000, often in remote communities. Issues discussed include the impact of actors being mobilized for war; an Eritrean playwright on the front line during the struggle for liberation against an Ethiopian offensive; obstacles encountered when performances called attention to developmental problems in communities (e.g., health care, female circumcision, the unsanitary state of villages in general). Recommended for graduate students, faculty, and theater researchers, professionals, and practitioners interested in cultural studies, educational outreach and community theater, and ethnic studies.” —E. C. Ramirez, St. Philip’s College, Choice, July 2000

This volume collects ten essays about theater practice, publications, and productions; in-depth reviews of 17 books; and a new play. — Choice … a ‘must-have’ for anybody interested in issues relating to theatre and development in Africa…. a pioneering effort… — H-Net Reviews Art as a tool, weapon, or shield? This compelling issue and others are explored in this diverse collection of intriguing perspectives on African theatre in development. Also here: strategies in staging, propaganda, and mass education, and a discussion of the playwright Alemseged Tesfai’s career in service to Eritrean liberation.


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