Masculinities, Militarisation and the End Conscription Campaign

War Resistance in Apartheid South Africa
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Dimensions and Pages: 234 x 156 mm, 176 pp
  • EAN: 978 1 86814 564 5
  • Rights: Southern Africa
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Masculinities, Militarisation and the End Conscription Campaign explores the gendered dynamics of apartheid-era South Africa’s militarisation and analyses the defiance of compulsory military service by individual white men, and the anti-apartheid activism of the white men and women in the End Conscription Campaign (ECC), the most significant white anti-apartheid movement to happen in South Africa. Military conscription and objection to it are conceptualised as gendered acts of citizenship and premised on and constitutive of masculinities. Conway draws upon a range of materials and disciplines to produce this socio-political study. Sources include interviews with white men who objected to military service in the South African Defence Force (SADF); archival material, including military intelligence surveillance of the ECC and ECC campaigning material, press reports and other pro-state propaganda.

The analysis is informed by perspectives in sociology, international relations, history and from work on contemporary militarised societies such as those in Israel and Turkey. This book also explores the interconnections between militarisation, sexuality, race, homophobia and political authoritarianism.

This book is essential reading for scholars and students interested in South African liberation history, militarisation, gender, conscientious objection and peace activism. It will appeal across disciplines of International Relations, Sociology, Politics and History.


Daniel Conway is Lecturer in Politics at Loughborough University

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