Mbeki and After

Reflections on the Legacy of Thabo Mbeki
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  • Publication Date: 2009
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For nearly ten years – indeed more if we include his period of influence under Mandela’s presidency – Thabo Mbeki bestrode South Africa’s political stage. Despite attempts by some in the new ANC leadership to airbrush out his role, there can be little doubt that Mbeki was a seminal figure in South Africa’s new democracy, one who left a huge mark in many fields, perhaps most controversially in state and party management, economic policy, public health intervention, foreign affairs and race relations.

If we wish to understand the character and fate of post-1994 South Africa, we must therefore ask: What kind of political system, economy and society has the former President bequeathed to the government of Jacob Zuma
and to the citizens of South Africa generally?

This question is addressed head-on here by a diverse range of analysts, commentators and participants in the political process.

Amongst the specific questions they seek to answer:
What is Mbeki’s legacy for patterns of inclusion and exclusion based on race, class and gender? How, if at all, did his presidency reshape relations within the state, between the state and the ruling party and between the
state and society? How did he reposition South Africa on the continent and in the world? This book will be of interest to anyone wishing to understand the current political landscape in South Africa, and Mbeki’s role in shaping it.

David Glasser is Associate Professor in teh Department of Political Studies at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

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One Response to “Mbeki and After”

  1. I have read partly the book Mbeki and After; it is a good reference book on Thabo and in the eyes of opinion makers.The chicken came home to roost in case of professor Jane Duncan; she now understand why Thabo Mbeki had to restrict dissenting view.He was not understood by his detractors the same as it is now with professor Duncan.She is thought to be a despot and iron fist no go lady by her sub-ordinates in the office at Korts Street in Johannesburg Braamfotein.

    In her chapter the professor has assassinated her story line, she stated that few people followed Thabo line of thinking.The Councilors could not implement or understand Thabo policies that is why the service delivery was sop slow or non existing; which led to strike actions.It was not in Thabo’s fault when he saw that his message it is not well receive red; it is derailing his mandate of rebuilding the fragmented country after post apartheid government.He had to re-educate the people on what could easily got them in a better start to steal a march to the future.

    You cannot be an architect of what you want to see and not player the pivotal and instrumental instruction of the plan and strategy.You will play this game according my rules [whose head fallen in September 2008 was not of professor Duncan but of Thabo M beki].Then the captain went down with his ship.Whose head is challenged as we speak in the korts street Joburg is that of the professor and her sub-ordinates.The coach was not open to dissenting views; she is a depot; as once Thabo Mbeki was reduced too.He is aloof and a distance to his people views, in fact he is opposed to any dissent view.

    When as the professor rightfully pointed it; we should credit Thabo Mbeki for establishing ‘IZIMBIZOI’ people dialogues but when Thabo was out in the cold face of things; he was never given a reason or a point which could have went as a logical question pointed to him to address.The question that were asked to him were irrelevant and at time out of touch with reality.Thus where he saw the need to spear headed his policy and re-construct the country vision of tomorrow generation of leadership.

    Thabo on record told the people that government was not an employment agent or agency, he went to educate his people that government could only create good policies for the security of the investors and small business enterprise; it is the condition to create people whom shall unearth opportunities to employ people.I like to know was Thabo Mbeki out of touch with the electorate; check what is happening today get quick rich style of leadership.He once asked people in the National House to elevate the level of debate; ‘I could hardly can see a ten pages article written in the house and open for debate; he thought the level of debate was very low and UN-inspiring, it was what professor Duncan reduced to not open to dissent.

    The izimbizo and the parliament were a guide for why Thabo Mbeki was just correct to enforce his tactics as the head that rolled was his and the reputation that went with it was his too.The legacy of the country was denied its claim; because of wrong diagnosis by academia,Machiavelli quote “Every one sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are”.He was once more on the point that politics is not a career, he warned people of political careerist.Politicians making politics their livelihood.This is what we see today political leaders refusing to play by the book.The Ministerial Hand book does not exist ant more.Professor Richard Calland in his book The Years Of Zuma on page 9 the onslaught on intellectuals; Thabo Mbeki was more open to bend backwards for intellectuals than opposition parties.How are you taking it professor Duncan as thing stands in the office.I think professor Jonathan Jansen would help many on that account in his column at The Times;publication every Thursday.He had a liken Jacob Zuma to Julius Malema leaders without education are dangerous; so is the money gain from ventures by people without education.

    In closing quoting Thabo Mbeki during 100 years of the African National Congress Memorial Lecture in bestowing OR Tambo in university of Forte Hare 2012.It is Shakespeare
    THAT EVER I WAS BORN TO SET RIGHT”.He was recalled after giving a solution in his Apec 18 point business unusual; all hand on deck; we can do more.Machiavelli “If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengence need not be feared”; coming from the horse’s mouth.Talking about the devil he shows up.Thanks to professor Duncan for giving us reader a chance to see a difference understanding about the former recalled state president of the republic.At least you took a challenge and wrote your ten pages article which is for ever coming from members of the house; legislature.Orthodox Medicine versus Dissidents report findings of an ACRONYM; would AIDS cause people death; Thabo avoided what Naomi Klein Campbell wrote about ‘Shock Doctrine Of Natural Disaster’ nobody would die of a syndrome something which still needs a proper diagnosis.Treatment Action Campaign

    Alex Magagula