Nothing But the Truth

  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Dimensions and Pages: 200 x 130 mm, 72 pp
  • EAN: 9781868143894
  • Recommended Price (ZAR): 120.00

It is still necessary to talk about the past, because the past will always be a powerful presence in the present …. We must never forget, but this does not mean that we must cling to the past, and wrap it around us, and live for it. We only look back in the past in order to have a better understanding of our present. This is one of the greatest lessons of Nothing but the Truth.

—From the Introduction by Zakes Mda

Nothing but the Truth is the story of two brothers, of sibling rivalry, of exile, of memory and reconciliation, and the ambiguities of freedom. Nothing but the Truth (2002) was John Kani’s debut as sole playwright and was first performed in the Market Theatre in Johannesburg. It won the 2003 Fleur du Cap Award for best actor and best new South African play. In the same year Kani was also awarded a special Obie award for his extraordinary contribution to theatre in the USA.

This play has been selected by the South African National Department of Education for study in Grade 12. A new scholar’s edition, co-published with Macmillan South Africa, has been released which meets all requirements of the department. It contains the following innovative features:

  • a biography of John Kani
  • notes on the play, which provide background information and creative ideas for individual, pair, group and class work, portfolios and further research
  • a glossary, which provides definitions of difficult words and non-English words and phrases
  • exam-style questions on the play, with suggested answers
  • suggestions for further reading

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