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Senkatana is a tragic play adapted from Sotho folk narrative. The play is regarded as a classic of Sesotho literature.
Seen as one of the greatest essayists and dramatists writing in Southern Sotho, Senkatana was Mofokeng’s first book, published in 1952 in the African (then Bantu) Treasury Series, an imprint of Witwatersrand University Press.

More info on the African Treasury Series
The African Treasury Series is a series of literary texts written by South Africa’s pioneers of African literature in African languages. The texts were written to provide a voice for the voiceless, and to celebrate African culture, history and heritage.
The African Treasury Series was first published by Wits University Press in the 1940s. It continues to make a contribution by supporting the current efforts of government and civil society to empower and develop the status of African languages in South Africa.

Sophonia Machabe Mofokeng was a lecturer in Sesotho in the Department of Bantu Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. He collaborated with C.M Doke in the preparation of A Textbook of Southern Sotho Grammar (1957). This is still regarded as an indispensable study of the morphology and syntax of the Sesotho language.

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