Three Plays

Dream of the Dog | The Girl in the Yellow Dress | The Imagined Land
  • Publication Date: July 2016
  • Dimensions and Pages: 220mm x 150 mm; 208 pp; Soft cover
  • Paperback EAN: 978-1-86814-980-3
  • PDF EAN: 978-1-77614-007-7
  • Rights: World
  • Recommended Price (ZAR): 250.00

Craig Higginson’s first three plays for adult audiences – collected here in one volume – represent one of the strongest debuts in contemporary South African theatre. Although each can be seen as a variation on the theme of the post-apartheid state of the nation play, they are also engaged with realities in Zimbabwe, the Congo and contemporary Europe. Higginson’s experience of growing up in wartorn Zimbabwe and apartheid South Africa have given him a deeprooted and potent angle from which to dramatize a dialogue between Europe and Africa.
As British director Jeremy Herrin has noted in his Foreword: ‘The pairing of delicate psychology and considered plot allow the plays to move beyond the realism of their settings into a bespoke theatrical landscape, a place where the contradictions and messiness of contemporary life hold themselves up for inspection.’

Foreword by Jeremy Herrin
Introduction by Michael Titlestad
Dream of the Dog
The Girl in the Yellow Dress
The Imagined Land

Craig Higginson is an internationally acclaimed playwright and novelist who lives in Johannesburg.

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