Uplifting the Colonial Philistine

Florence Phillips and the Making of the Johannesburg Art Gallery
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Dimensions and Pages: 230 x 170 mm, 480 pp
  • EAN: 9781868144365
  • Recommended Price (ZAR): 290.00

Uplifting the Colonial Philistine is a thoroughly researched, fascinating account of the unusual circumstances in which early Johannesburg, then a budding mining town, came to have an art gallery with one of the most avantgarde collections in the world. It describes the larger-than-life characters who brought the Johannesburg Art Gallery to its grand launch in November 1910: Florence Phillips, wife of one of the Randlord patrons, and Hugh Lane, curator. Containing 100 reproductions from the original catalogue, this book unravels the complex intertwining of personal and socio-political agendas that made up the fabric of the founding.

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