Making South Africa’s Muslims creatively visible – Review of Gabeba Baderoon’s Regarding Muslims

Regarding Muslims by Gabeba Baderoon has been reviewed in Tydskrif vir Letterkunde  in a lovely long review article by Muhammed Haron.  He has interesting criticisms and makes great commendations.

“Baderoon has undoubtedly produced a fascinating and interesting project that has enriched our insights into and understanding of this  (Muslim) community.”

“Baderoon’s text is an informative, instructive and captivating one; it is a text that should not only be included in the critical study of creative writing but also in other related social science courses since the text constructed a (social) history from a list of unconventional and non-traditional sources.”

“Besides being a notable award winning poet and a noteworthy academic, Baderoon is among a coterie of scholars that have turned away from adopting a pure historicist approach. Having honed her skills in the arena of English literature, she brought to the fore dimensions of this community that have hitherto been unexplored.”



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