A meaningful contribution to migrant studies – review of Migrant Women of Johannesburg—Life in an In-between city.

Caroline Wanjiku Kihato’s  book Migrant Women of Johannesburg—Life in an In-between city, has been reviewed in Tydskrif vir Letterkunde

Review by Polo Moji of Univ of Pretoria


”Caroline Wanjiku Kihato’s use of selfphotography as a visual narrative is a gamble that more than pays off. It enables her to give fresh conclusions on materiality, agency and the ways in which migrant women see themselves. The invitation in the book to use gendered liminality as a lens through which we can reconsider normative visions of urban governance and belonging makes a meaningful contribution to migrant studies. This is made all the more seductive by the author’s attentiveness to the voice and vision of her subjects.”


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